I Believe God Invented Dancing

Why should I think this way-
have you watched the tall grass sway?
Have you ever noticed leaves,
merrily responding to the breeze,

considered robin's "bob and run"
searching for wiggly worm,
or the dolphins' graceful glide
never chancing to collide,

traced a butterfly's pirouette
just before it comes to rest
on a dandelion's fluff,
still clinging to its ruff?

Even the stars of the night
shimmy and bounce in my sight.
There's no earthly reason why,
in abandon, should not I

throw caution to the wind,
cut myself loose, twirl and spin
raise my arms in ardent praise
for glorious dance-filled days!

© Faye Adams

Mildred W. McKinney Award
Poets' Roundtable of Arkansas
National Poetry Day Award
October, 2004

Published - SouthLit.com
August, 2006

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