Amish Schoolhouse Murders
Tragedy in Pennsylvania
October, 2006

Thirty-four carriages and buggies
snake toward three empty
hand-dug graves.

"Our lives are shattered," is quoted
as an entire nation watches
in horror, and one church hosts
a prayer vigil.

The iron wheels of a horse-drawn hearse
tracks the same route taken
by the milk wagon, and winds past
the shooter's house.

One sister had begged, "Shoot me first."
Her younger sibling said,
"Shoot me next," hoping
to save the others.

Hate-filled rhetoric spills over air waves,
thwarts picket plans of misguided
religious fanatics, and spares
gentlefolk further pain.

Two sisters share a common grave;
a young girl is brought home
to die in peace.

Gracious, forgiving, old-world Amish
invite the shooter's family
to witness their daughters'
final farewell.

Naomi Rose,
the only girl in an all boy family,
is laid to rest.

© Faye Adams

First Place, Art With Words
Poetry Contest
1st Quarter, 2007

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